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Our company

AM-RUS is a dynamically developing company in the supply of spare parts to the Russian market of the well-known brands.


Our company today is:

 - wide ass

 - skilled personnel

 - individual aprocah to each customer

 - flixible pricng

 - fast decision making


Our mission – supply of best quality spare-parts and accessories. We value our reputation!

Our suppliers - are manufacturers with worldwide known name, which have strong partnership with us for many years.

Our clients – large wholesale companies and network retailers from all over Russian Federation.


You can buy wholesale spare-parts of many well-known European brands for Russian and foreign cars, such as: Tesla Blatna a.s., Czech Rep. (lead ignition sets, bulbs, fuses), “S.I. Metal-lncar, Poland (thermoregulators, thermal elements, thermo switches), “Paradowscy AMP S.J”, Poland (engine valves, valve guides, piston rings), “МТА S.p.a”,Italy (fuses and other electrical components), “GLO S.r.l.” , Italy (CV joints, dusters), “DAYCO”, Italy (timing belts, timing belt tensioners),  “OCAP S.p.A.”, Italy (suspension and steering components),Industries Dolz S.A., Spain (water pumps), “MecArm S.r.L”, Italy (clutches), “Osvat S.r.L.”, Italy (engine valves, valve guides), “KRAMME”, Italy (bearings, timing belt tensioners), “ČZ Řetězy s.r.o.”, Czech Rep. (timing chains).

We are official distributors of these companies in Russia.